Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have to Be A Catholic?
This retreat is for all couples planning marriage who desire a richer, fuller life together. It is designed to deepen and enrich your relationship with each other. The retreat is Catholic in origin and adheres to the teaching that marriage is sacramental. However, we welcome all couples of any faith who seek to enrich the quality of their future life together. Catholic couples are reminded to contact their parish pastor as early as possible to begin the required preparation process.

When does the weekend begin and end?
The weekend begins at 7:30 p.m. Friday night and ends about 3:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

What topics are address during the weekend?
The topics focus on individual and mutual factors that relate to living a marriage commitment. These include ambitions, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and attitudes about God, money, sex, children, family and role of the marriage in the Church and society.

What have past participants said?
The weekend – ---“helped our communication skills, goals and priorities in life, a deeper sense of commitment.” ---“put a whole different perspective on marriage.” ---“helped us build the habit of discussing sensitive things.” ---“was a very exciting and rewarding time with each other away from everyday life.”

Where is the Encounter Held?
Engaged Encounter weekends are held at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Gallup, New Mexico. The facility offers an environment conducive to personal growth and quiet time for couples to practice communication skills. Specific information and directions will be mailed to each registrant with the registration confirmation. Please be aware that male and female attendees are assigned separate lodging for this event.

What is the Cost?
Regular Registration: $85 per couple

Commuter Option: $50 per couple - this option is for those who do not need lodging at the Retreat Center.

The registration fee covers, all required materials and lodging plus three meals on Saturday, and two meals on Sunday. Lodging accommodations are single beds, usually in a two person room unless there is a special need for private quarters. Catholic Engaged Encounter is a non-profit organization with volunteer leaders. An opportunity for a voluntary donation is provided during the weekend.

Are there other opportunities to attend an Engaged Encounter Weekend in the surrounding area?

Southern Arizona (Phoenix & Tucson):
Western New Mexico (Albuquerque & Sante Fe):
West Texas and Southern New Mexico (El Paso & Las Cruces):